People increasingly prefer the outdoor patio over the television as their favorite location for relaxation and amusement.

People increasingly prefer the outdoor patio over the television as their favorite location for relaxation and amusement.

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Best Pool Companies In Katy Texas Trends

It's no secret that many houses have embraced the backyard as their new living room. People increasingly prefer the outdoor patio over the television as their favorite location for relaxation and amusement. Best pool companies in Katy, Texas, are an excellent way of changing and improve any backyard area into a place to be enjoyed for years.

Ledges and Bars

A swim-up bar is no longer a pool feature exclusively for vacationers. This attractive addition of the best pool companies in Katy, Texas, quickly becomes the focal point of social interaction in many backyards. Take it a step further with a submerged outdoor kitchen area on the other end of the bar, the ideal way to connect those who prefer not to get their toes wet with others in the pool. Some choose for (or include) a built-in ledge or tanning shelf in addition to the bar. This shallow area is ideal for sunbathing, lounging, or splashing around with small children.

Dark Interior Pools

Darker finishes lend pools an appearance that can turn an area into a tranquil lagoon. Add a few elements, such as a natural waterfall, boulders, or exotic landscaping, and you've got the makings of a calm sanctuary in your backyard. Apart from their elegant appearance, darker colors have functional benefits. For one thing, darker surfaces rapidly absorb and hold heat, which can help you save money on pool heating. Second, small debris and dirt are less visible, resulting in an exquisitely clean pool without you getting to do any extra work.

Oversized Spas

If your backyard doesn't have enough space for a full-sized pool, consider an oversized spa. This pool trend is ideal for backyards with limited space, townhomes, and villas. As with pools, oversized spas are customizable to include the features and designs of your choice, but you'll have additional space for other outdoor amenities such as patio seating or a grill area.

Single Depth Pools

As the name suggests, single-depth pools do not change in-depth as you pass across them. They are typically shallow and rectangular, making them ideal for those who participate in pool sports or lap swimming. The style is smooth, and it complements a wide variety of current architectural styles. Safety-wise, the consistency of the depth may aid children, the elderly, and others who are uneasy in deeper waters.

Smart Pools

Pools, like the rest of our homes, are seeing a trend toward "smart" features. Instead of the traditional white pool lights, smart lights enable Custom Pool Katy the look of their pool by adjusting the color and the brightness of the lights within. With on/off switches, you can create the ambiance you wish and impress your guests. And on top of that, many can be operated via a smartphone app.

Not only are lights becoming more intelligent, but the hated cleaning procedure too. Intelligent features such as in-floor cleaning systems automatically filter the trash from your Pool Builder Katy, making maintenance a snap. While initial expenses may be greater, innovations that reduce energy and maintenance requirements are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective over time.

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Consider these pool designs and features of the best pool companies in Katy, Texas, if you're considering adding a pool or upgrading an existing one. A pool is not a temporary addition, and you'll want to ensure that you create one that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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